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What Goes in Your Calendar

Different people use the calendar for different purposes, one is to keep a track of the present day, month, and year; basically, identify the particular time in which we are living or existing. Other reasons for which people use a calendar is for appointments and tasks.
An appointment is anything that you have to do at a specific time and should be recorded properly so as not to be missed, while a task is anything that can be done anytime. When you schedule an appointment for Doctors, dentists, barbers, whatever, look at your calendar first. Then after you have scheduled them write the appointment down so that you will not schedule yourself into a conflict. Both are just some of the things that you can plot on your calendar.

Here are some specific things that could go in your calendar:
-The time you are at work.
-Meetings at work.
-Social engagements such as birthday parties, a wedding, etc. (If the invitation requires a RSVP than taking care of that right away).
-Holidays or festival days.
-Family Events.
-Special Events such as wedding anniversary etc.
-Reserved time for things you are working on (“time blocking”).
-Exercise/gym time.
-Scheduled meal times (especially if you’re on a specialized nutrition plan).
-Morning/Evening rituals.
-Special classes.
-Travel or tours.

One of the best uses for your calendar is to set strategic reminders for yourself. Make sure to check your calendar from time to time to not miss any appointments, meetings, etc., and also update some changes on your schedules such as postponements, cancellations, and other significant alterations of time and date.

No one can imagine life without the calendar– the one that silently hangs on the wall as well as the one you carry with you in your phone and plays several roles such as that of an interactive day planner, event organizer, special dates reminder, productivity booster, and a buddy that makes sure that you live each moment to the fullest.

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